Infographic Promotion Service

If you are looking to promote your infographic I offer an affordable package that will get lots of extra links and lots of extra exposure for your website. I have been promoting infographics for my SEO clients since 2012 and have found that it is a great way to help them with their Google rankings. Over the years, I have managed to secure some amazing links for my clients on authority websites which can send huge amounts of traffic.


Here is some information about what is included in the infographic promotion package.


Social Media Promotion:


I will promote your infographic on a huge range of social media websites including the really popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest as well as slightly lesser known ones such as reddit, Imgur and 9gag. These social networking sites have very high authority scores and can send huge amounts of traffic to your website. If you are looking to get extra exposure for your infographic and your company then social media marketing is an essential part of the equation. I have worked hard to build up a huge amount of followers on social media sites over the years, so if I share your infographic on them it will get you a lot more exposure than doing it yourself if you don’t have well established accounts.


Blog Promotion:


As part of the package I will be posting your infographic along with a link to your site on a number of blogs including infographic blogs as well as graphic design blogs and regular blogs. I will get the ball rolling by publishing your infographic on infographic blogs including the following to name a few:



Next up, I will promote your infographic on wide range of image sharing websites with high authority scores including these ones:



After I have done the ground work, I will go to work trying to get you editorial links. Over the years, I have managed to build up a number of contacts from around the World that love publishing and linking to my stuff. As part of the package, I will get in touch with all of them for you and ask them to post the infographic and or a link to your website. The amount of editorial links you get will depend on the infographic. If it is well designed then that helps or, if it is about a hot topic then that can make a big difference. Here are a few of the blogs that we may be able to get you featured on if your piece is up to scratch:



The Rewards:


In total you are going to get at least 20 extra links for your website and at least a a couple of thousand extra visitors. However if your infographic is really great then it could go viral and get over 30 links and 10,000+ visitors.


Here are some examples of infographics I promoted that went viral:



If you check the links to any of those infographics you will see that they were extremely successful.


The Report:


I will get all of the work done within 7 days and at that time I will send you a full links report showing all of the links I gained for your website ranked by the domain authority scores.


The Cost:


I can do all of this for you for the amazingly low one off price of £199. You can either pay by paypal or bank transfer. If you want to go ahead or you have any questions then get in touch with me David Eaves using the email address